Size: 168*168*980 mm
Pass Speed: ≤35 people/min
Pass Width: 600-900 mm
Input Voltage: 110–240V
Working Voltage: DC24V
Type: waist height turnstile

Waist height turnstile is mainly used for pedestrian entrance and exit management.

The general application site only allows personnel to pass, including personnel tow the baggage, and the disabled person. Considering that the swing gate can achieve wider lane characteristics than the flap turnstile gate. Most of the waist height turnstile can be used to pass through some non-motorized vehicles such as pedestrians, bicycles, mopeds and handicapped vehicles. Swing gates turnstiles are suitable for elegant and luxury entrance solutions. Its unique features and extensible functions allow it to integrate with any access control system.

Waist height turnstile

STXtek waist height turnstile and access control system basic connection diagram:

STXtek swing gate connection diagram
STXtek swing gate connection diagram

Technical specifications:

Turnstile type Waist height turnstile
Model B19
Dimension 168*168*980 mm
Pass width 600-900 mm (adjustable)
Sensor 1 pair
Direction One / Bi-direction
Cabinet end style Round
Cabinet material Stainless steel #304 1.2mm / 1.0mm
Arm material Stainless steel
Unlock time 0.2s
Flow rate 30p/min
Safety Automatically open during emergency with battery
Fire alarm connection Connecting port for fire alarm system
Working condition Indoor
LED indicator On top cover & pillar (red / green)
Drive unit type DC brush motor (Default)
Power supply AC110-240v, 50/60Hz

Reader Integration

Integrates to access control and fire safety systems

through dry contact

Electric key switch remote locking or unlocking
RS485 port for secondary development interface
Reader type Face recognition, IC/ID/HID/RFID/NFC card, QR code reader.

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Edited on March 16, 2023

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 168 × 168 × 980 cm
Pass width

600-900 mm (adjustable)

Unlock time


Flow rate


Drive unit type

DC brush motor (Default)

Power supply

AC110-240v, 50/60Hz


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