Entrance Solutions

Face Recognition Turnstile Solution is an advanced access control system that combines facial recognition technology with turnstile gates to manage and monitor the entry and exit of individuals.

RFID Card Reader Turnstile Solution is an access control system that integrates RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology with turnstile gates to regulate and monitor the entry and exit of individuals

Biometric Fingerprint Turnstile Solution is an access control system that integrates fingerprint recognition technology with turnstile gates to manage and monitor the entry and exit of individuals.

QR Code Turnstile Entrance Solution is an access control system that uses QR code scanning technology integrated with turnstile gates to manage and monitor the entry and exit of individuals.

ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) Turnstile Access Solutions are specialized access control systems designed to prevent individuals carrying static electricity from entering sensitive environments.

QR Code Ticketing Turnstile Solution is an access control system that uses QR codes for ticketing and entry management, integrated with turnstile gates.

Crowd Control Counting Turnstile Solutions are access control systems designed to manage and monitor the flow of individuals through a designated entry or exit point while accurately counting the number of people passing through.

Remote Control / Manual Button Turnstile Solutions are access control systems that allow turnstile gates to be operated either remotely or manually using a control button.

Walk-Through Metal Detector Turnstile Solutions combine the functionality of turnstiles with metal detection technology to enhance security by screening individuals for metal objects as they pass through an access point.

Turnstile Entrance Control Solutions

Turnstile Entrance Control Solutions are access control systems that use various types of turnstiles to manage and monitor the flow of individuals entering and exiting a facility. These solutions are widely used in environments where controlling and securing entry and exit points is crucial, such as corporate offices, stadiums, airports, schools, and other public and private spaces. Here’s a comprehensive overview of the components, functionality, benefits, and applications:


  1. Turnstile Types:

    • Tripod Turnstiles: Three rotating arms that allow one person to pass at a time.
    • Full-Height Turnstiles: Full-height barriers that provide a high level of security, often used in outdoor or high-security areas.
    • Speed Gates: Glass or acrylic panels that retract or swing open to allow access, offering a combination of security and aesthetics.
    • Optical Turnstiles: Use sensors and barriers to control access, providing high throughput and minimal physical barriers.
  2. Access Control Devices:

    • Card Readers: For magnetic stripe cards, proximity cards, or smart cards.
    • Biometric Scanners: Fingerprint, facial recognition, or iris scanners for high-security authentication.
    • Barcode/QR Code Scanners: For reading tickets or passes.
    • Keypads: For PIN code entry.
  3. Control Systems:

    • Software: Manages user credentials, access permissions, and logs entry and exit data.
    • Controllers: Hardware that interfaces between the access control devices and the turnstile mechanisms.
    • Network Infrastructure: Facilitates communication between turnstiles, access control devices, and central management systems.
  4. Additional Features:

    • Alarm Systems: Triggered by unauthorized access attempts or tailgating.
    • Surveillance Integration: Cameras integrated with the system for real-time monitoring.
    • Emergency Override: Allows for turnstiles to be unlocked in case of emergency evacuation.

How It Works

  1. Credential Presentation:

    • The user presents their access credential (e.g., card, biometric scan, QR code) to the reader.
  2. Authentication:

    • The access control system verifies the credential against a database of authorized users.
  3. Access Decision:

    • If the credential is valid, the turnstile unlocks, allowing the user to pass through.
    • If the credential is invalid, access is denied, and an alarm may be triggered.
  4. Passage:

    • The turnstile records the entry or exit, updating the system’s logs and potentially notifying security personnel of the activity.
  5. Logging and Monitoring:

    • All access attempts and entries are logged for security auditing and real-time monitoring.


  • Enhanced Security: Prevents unauthorized access and secures sensitive areas.
  • Controlled Access: Manages and monitors who enters and exits the premises.
  • Data Collection: Provides detailed logs of entry and exit times for all users.
  • Integration: Can be integrated with other security systems like surveillance cameras, alarms, and building management systems.
  • Efficient Flow Management: Ensures smooth and orderly passage of individuals, reducing congestion at entry points.


  • Corporate Offices: Manages employee and visitor access, enhancing security.
  • Airports and Transportation Hubs: Controls passenger flow and ensures security.
  • Educational Institutions: Secures campus buildings and monitors student and staff movement.
  • Sports and Event Venues: Manages large crowds, ensuring only ticket holders gain entry.
  • Government Buildings: Provides high-security access control for sensitive facilities.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Controls access to sensitive areas such as labs and patient rooms.


  • User Training: Ensure users are trained on how to use the system, especially in high-traffic environments.
  • Maintenance: Regular maintenance of turnstiles and access control devices to ensure they operate reliably.
  • Privacy: Implement measures to protect the privacy of individuals, especially when using biometric data.
  • Scalability: Choose a system that can scale with the growth of the facility and adapt to future needs.
  • Compliance: Ensure the system complies with relevant regulations and standards, particularly in highly regulated environments.


Turnstile Entrance Control Solutions offer a robust and efficient means of managing and securing access to various facilities. By integrating advanced access control technologies with physical barriers, these solutions enhance security, streamline entry processes, and provide valuable data for facility management and security auditing. They are essential for any environment where controlling the flow of people and maintaining secure access is a priority.

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