Tirpod Turnstiles

The Tripod Turnstiles are a compact, cost-effective entrance solution with low power consumption and high reliability. Choose from standard versions or custom-designed. Suitable for internal or external use in areas of large traffic flow. Tripod turnstile gate can be widely integrated with visitor management system, access control system, one card ticketing system easily to achieve an efficient secured pass-through.

Tripod Turnstiles Main Features:
High flow rate: 35 people per minute
For internal or external use
Bi-directional passage
Single or double walkways
Choice of manual, semi-automatic or motorized automatic core
Emergency setting to allow for safe evacuation
Stainless steel construction with choice of finishes

tripod turnstile

Size: 480*280*960 mm
Pass Width: 550 mm

Size: 1200*280*960 mm
Pass Width: 550 mm

Size: 480*280*980 mm
Pass Width: 550 mm

Size: 1200*280*980 mm
Pass Width: 550 mm

Size: 1400*280*980mm
Pass Width:  550mm

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Edited on March 8th, 2023