How to choose turnstile for your project correctly

how to choose turnstile

How to choose turnstile for your project correctly


About how to choose turnstile correctly for your project and save budget, you can contact us STXtek professional turnstile expert, we will offer you a complete solution, including assess control system and entrance control turnstile system. The following are some ideas from us about how to select the best turnstile for your project.


1. How many lanes are needed for the site?

This question is often asked when considering the needs. You need to consider how many people can pass per minute at traffic peak time and how many users will pass the turnstile gate. also need to consider set ADA gate for wheel chair pass.


2. Which access control system should I choose?

It’s necessary and vital to consider your requirement when selecting an access control turnstile system. Access control system includes facial recognition, RFID card, QR code, NFC band etc.


3. What will an access control turnstile system cost finally?

There are many factors that can impact the cost of an Access Control Turnstile System. Costs vary depending on details such as type, special finishes, quantity of turnstiles and the options will affect how to choose turnstile. However, once you have decided these details, you will want to ensure that your supplier provides information on a maintenance program (preventative or repair) and warranty that may or may not be included in your cost. Also, you can get advice from your supplier about how to use a turnstile and how turnstile works.

Tripod turnstile TT-101

Size: 480*280*960 mm
Pass Width: 550 mm

Size: 1200*280*960 mm
Pass Width: 550 mm

Size: 480*280*980 mm
Pass Width: 550 mm

Size: 1500*120*980mm
Pass Width: 600-900mm

Size:  1500*130*980 mm
Pass Width: 600-900 mm

Size: 1500*100*980mm
Pass Width: 600-900mm

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