Size: 2325*1400*2300mm
Pass Speed: ≤25 people/min
Pass Width: 550 mm
Input Voltage: 110–240VAC, 50HZ
Working Voltage: DC24V
Type: full height tandem turnstile

Full height tandem turnstile is a type of access control turnstile that is designed to provide maximum security and access control in areas that require a high level of security. Unlike other types of turnstiles that may only be waist or shoulder height, full-height turnstiles are typically at least six feet tall, making it impossible for someone to jump over or crawl under the turnstile.

Full height security turnstiles are commonly used in areas where perimeter security is required, such as in prisons, military installations, and secure government facilities. They are also used in sports stadiums and other public areas where crowd control and access control are important.

Full-height turnstiles typically require the use of an access control credential, such as a key card or biometric scan, to allow authorized personnel to pass through the turnstile. The turnstile can be configured to allow passage in one direction or both directions, depending on the specific security requirements of the area.

Tandem full height security turnstile is designed to control pedestrian entering and exiting, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Full height tandem turnstile is integrated with robust mechanism, electric and MCU-controller and various identification technologies, compatible with IC / ID reader, fingerprint, QR code reader and so on to provide intelligent control and management to flow control. Using the standard electrical interface, compatible with ID/IC card, fingerprint, facial recognition and barcode reader / QR code etc.

Full height tandem turnstile stainless steel #304 / #316 version: 

Full height tandem turnstile


STXtek full height turnstile and access control system basic connection diagram:

STXtek full height turnstile connection diagram

Technical specifications:

Turnstile type Full height tandem turnstile (Two lane)
Model Z15D
Dimension 2325*1400*2300mm
Pass width 600 mm × 2
Sensor Position sensor × 2
Direction Bi-direction (entry & exit)
Cabinet end style Square
Cabinet material Stainless steel #304 1.5mm
Arm material Stainless steel
Unlock time 0.2s
Flow rate 25p/min
Safety Automatically open during emergency with battery
Fire alarm connection Connecting port for fire alarm system
Working condition Indoor & outdoor both usable
LED indicator Red / Green
Drive unit type Mechanical Solenoid
Power supply AC110-240v, 50/60Hz

Reader Integration

Integrates to access control and fire safety systems

through dry contact

Electric key switch remote locking or unlocking
RS485 port for secondary development interface
Reader type Face recognition, IC/ID/HID/RFID/NFC card, QR code scanner, fingerprint, coin collector, ticket collector

Access control accessories for full height turnstile:

Project cases of full height turnstile:


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Edited on March 27th, 2023

Weight 400 kg
Dimensions 2325 × 1400 × 2300 cm
Pass width

600 mm × 2

Unlock time


Flow rate

25p/min × 2

Drive unit type

Mechanical Solenoid (Default)

Power supply

AC110-240v, 50/60Hz DC24v


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