GT-5948T TCP/IP Four Doors Access Control Board

TCP/IP Four Doors Access Control Board
Door Control: 4 doors
Card Readers: 8pcs reader
Register Cards: 42,000 (Can be extended)
Record Capacity: 200,000 (Can be extended)
Communication Type: TCP/IP (10/100M)
Communication Distance: TCP/IP (100m)

STXtek high end access controller

GT-5948T four doors access control board is a new product developed on the basis of GT-5824T. It has all the features of GT-5848T, and has enhanced storage capacity, concurrent communication management of multiple machines (up to 5 computers at the same time), regional interlocking, regional anti-passback, regional fire protection linkage, second-generation card number, dynamic two new functions such as dimensional code algorithm, active contact with cloud platform, etc. It adopts 100M TCP/IP communication mode to truly realize networked data management, can manage 4 doors, and supports 42,000 user data, 200,000 event record storage, and 1 set of 7A door lock relay output.

The GT-5900 series access control board is a new generation of intelligent network access control products. It is developed with a super network processor combined with a large amount of memory to realize true networked data exchange. Data high-speed calculation and super user data management GT-5900 series access control board not only has common access control functions, it also provides some practical functions that other similar products on the market do not have or rarely have. For specific functions, please refer to the product “System Functions”.

four doors access control board
four doors access control board

Product features:

GT-5948T two doors access control board is an intelligent access control board developed and produced by STXtek. It realizes real networked data management and adds new functions such as line anomaly detection and prompt, input power temperature monitoring, and intelligent clock error self-correction every day.

System functions:

GT-5900 series support (Standard Functions) : Offline operation, read the card to open the door, the password to open the door, time control password valid, read card + password to open the door, the time control card + password valid, manually enter the card number, password to open the door, the first card to open the door, always open card to open the door, open the remote, remote, time to open the door, time normally open, real-time monitoring, abnormal monitoring, electronic maps, duress alarm, fire linkage, police bandit alarm, intrusion alarm, alarm, report the loss of card, card reader to the blacklist illegally card read alarm, open tip/overtime alarm, anti-submarine defense followed, bulk upload, a small amount of upload, two-door interlock, many interlock, multiple cards to open the door, keyboard operation, emergency shutdown, access control time attendance, 64 group opening hours, holidays, etc.

GT-5900 series support (Professional Functions) : Record card back, repair, prevent detection lock, card read calibration, all card to open the door, open card + all automatic registration, the main board buzzer switch, clock repair itself, the internal and external certification. Open the door, 3 + 1 to open the door, door number query, report to the police telephone calls after the notification, the device has been running days, remote hardware upgrade, etc.

GT-5900 series support (New Function) : In addition to the above functions, we also add technology that is not available or rare for other similar products in the market, such as: Card reader circuit anomaly detection and prompt, temperature detection system environment, and the input power supply temperature on-line monitoring, trial periods, entrance guard patrolling, validity card expired early hint, intelligent clock error corrections, every day out of the door switch controlled by time period, the remote reading card photo, anti-theft alarm host function and interval, door magnetic card reader to the alarm time management, communication encryption data, card number, capacity expands itself, more efficient machine concurrent communication management (maximum 5 computers at the same time control), regional interlock, regional himself back, fire linkage, the second generation card card number, dynamic, take the initiative to contact cloud platform, Wiegand QR code algorithm, Wiegand keyboard issues cards and other new functions.

The above models can choose one card pass management system software, the software system support ACCESS and SQL database, support local connection communication and remote Internet communication.

Working Voltage: DC9V-14V Alarm Extension: 4 enter and 4 exit (fire alarm, bandit alarm, burglar alarm, gas alarm)
Working Current: < 300mA Reading Protocol: Wiegand 26 Wiegand 34 Wiegand 66
Temperature and Humidity: -40℃-75℃ (10-90%RH no frost) Register Cards: 42,000 (Can be extended)
Door Control: 4 Record Capacity: 200,000 (Can be extended)
Card Readers: 8 Communication Type: TCP/IP (10/100M)
Exit Button: 4 group Communication Distance: TCP/IP (100m)
Door Sensor Interface: 4 group Wiegand: 100m (Suggest 80m)
Relay: 4 group Size: 212*130*20mm

System Software:

Four Doors Access Control Board GT-5900 series uses one card pass management system as system software. The system software supports two databases, SQL and ACCESS, and supports WIN XP, WIN 2003, WIN 7, WIN10 and other system platforms.

One card pass management system adopts nine modular structure design: system data module, system graphic monitoring module, personnel management module, access control system module, attendance system module, elevator access control module, guard tour system module, conference sign-in module, consumption management module equals one.

Wiring Connection Diagram:

Four Doors Access Control Board Wiring Diagram:

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 5 cm


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