GT-8143 Facial Identification Terminal with Fingerprint Scanner

Product: Facial Identification Terminal with Fingerprint scanner
Screen: 4.3 Inch IPS Full View HD Touch Screen
Verify mode: Face, QR code, Fingerprint, Password
Face/Fingerprint/RFID Capacity: 2,000
Logs capacity: 100,000
Operation system: LINUX 3.10

STXtek face recognition

About Facial Identification Terminal with Fingerprint Reader

Face Recognition Access Control products use image processors. lt can detect the brightness of the face, automatically adjust the dynamic exposure, track and detect the face,analyze the key points of face, and auto adjust the image magnification, recognition and comparison. STXtek face recognition technology adopts in-depthlearning algorithm, scientifically self-learning and improving algorithm library to improve recognition accuracy, face tracking and detection ability. lt obtainsthe face features through analyze the key points of face,combined with face attributes and other operations to achieve accurate face comparison.

Face Detection
Our face recognition technology can detecting ofvarious actual environments such as face, side face, semiocclusion, blur, dark light, backlight, expression changeand face angle. lt supports video recognition or photorecognition of color, gray, near and far infrared lights.

Facial Feature Point
From the in-depth detailed analysis of the eyes, mouth, nose, contour in the face and so on, it canidentify 32, 128 and 256 key points. Under the deeply optimized Linux system, it supports the recognition of facial feature points with different accuracy, which can be completed as soon as milliseconds. After optimization, it also can be applied on various scene such as large angle side face, large expression change, partial occlusion, blur,light and shade change, etc.

Facial Attributes
Our face recognition technology can accurately recognize a variety of face attribute types, such as gender, age, clan, skin color expression, beard, etc.According to various attribute differentiation, face categories are classified and excluded, so that to speed up the calculation efficiency of face recognition.

Liveness Detection
We use infrared cameras to detecting infrared inspection on living people, analyze the three dimensional contour of human faces, and check the three-dimensional changes of human face movements, so that to prevent high-definition photos, screen portraits, portrait masks and other fake fraudulent faces. Realize true and false face recognition.

Eyes and Wears
In real scenes, we maybe wear glasses, hats and others. In our face algorithm, it can intelligently detect hats, eyes and facial occlusion, support the recognitionof whether to wear hats and other technologies.

Technical Parameters
Main Uses: Access Control, Time Attendance, Video Intercom Algorithm: Face Recognition, Fingerprint,
QR Code Verification
Working Voltage: DC12V(9 ~ 14V) Management Mode: Touch Screen, Desktop Software,
Cloud Software, Mobile App
Working Current: <2000mA Registration Methods: Face, Palm Vein, Password, Mifare Card, Dual Frequency Card Optional (ID Card and Mifare Card)
Working Environment: Temperature: -25 ~ 65℃;
Humidity: 10 ~ 90%, RH
Comparison Mode: 1:N/1:1
Operating System: LINUX System Firmware Upgrade: Software OTA Upgrade or USB Flash Drive Upgrade
User Capacity: 2,000 Faces; 2,000 QR Codes; 2,000 Cards; 2,000 Passwords; Camera: Wide Dynamic Binocular 2 Megapixel HD Camera
Record Capacity: 100,000 Records; 10,000 Recording Photos; 10,000 System Records Display Screen: 4.3-inch ISP Full-view HD Screen
Recognition Distance: 0.3m-3m Storage: 256M DDR3 Memory, 8GB EMMC Storage
Recognition Speed: < 0.3S Communication: TCP/IP, WIFI, 4G(Customized), Wiegand26/34/66
Material: ABS Plastic Casing+Tempered Glass Panel Other Interfaces: Exit Button x1, Door Sensor x1, Fire Input x1,
Alarm Output x1, Wiegand Output x1, Wiegand Input x1,
Magnetic Lock Control x1, USB x1, RS485 x1
Size: 245×130×25mm Installation Ways: Only installed on the Turnstile
Weight: 0.6KG

Facial Identification Terminal Applications:

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 28 × 25 × 14 cm

Face, RFID card, Password


8.0 Inch IPS Touch Screen

Verify mode

Face, Fingerprint, QR code, Password

Face / QR code capacity



Wiegand 26/34 output/input

Detection Distance

0.5~2.5 meters


Support 20 national languages and voices


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