Dimensions: 219(diameter)×600(height)mm
Embedded size: embedded depth 810mm * diameter 335mm
Power: 200W
Input Voltage: DC24V low voltage
Working Voltage: DC24V
Type: automatic security bollard

Automatic security bollard is a short post embedded into a street or sidewalk. These posts are common in city and building designs, acting as boundary markings or protective barriers.

A bollard is a short post that is used to build an architectural or defensive wall. They serve as boundary markers and traffic guides when positioned primarily as visual guides. In order to emphasize or visually stand out in their environments, they are available in a wide range of shapes and styles as architectural features.

Telescopic bollards are the most common type of driveway security post you’ll find. Automatic Rising Bollards can be lowered into the ground manually, allowing you to protect your driveway, preventing any vehicular access when not in use, and allowing access to vehicles when needed.

Crash Resistant Bollards help protect against storefront crashes that are lower impact, which happens quite often. Crashes like these hold you and your business accountable for any damage and injuries; that’s why safety bollards are a necessity for store owners. STXtek Security Bollards help protect against these accidents to keep you and your business safe.

Technical specifications:

Product name Automatic security bollard
System control Electric hydraulic pressure.
Stainless steel column diameter 219mm
Specification of embedded barrel embedded depth 810mm * diameter 335mm
Lifting height 600mm, column thickness: 6mm.
Cover plate thickness 6mm
Material #304 stainless steel
Weight About 60kgs
Waterproof, dustproof level IP68
Anti-collision proof level 3 guidance columns, K6 (equivalent to 60km/hour impact, the car is prevented, the equipment works as usual)
Rising speed 4S
Descending speed 2S
Power supply DC24V low voltage
Power 200W
Working temperature -35 ℃~75 ℃ (suitable)
Storage environment -10 ℃~65 ℃, rainproof, moisture-proof, dustproof

STXtek bollards working drawing:

STXtek bollards working drawing

STXtek bollards project cases:

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Edited on February 1, 2024

Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 330 × 280 × 1000 cm
Pass width

600-900 mm (adjustable)

Unlock time


Flow rate


Drive unit type

DC brush motor (Default)

Power supply

AC110-240v, 50/60Hz


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