Size: 350(L)×280(W)×1040(H)mm
Motor power: 100W DC brushless motor
Arm lenth: 3-6 meters
Input Voltage: AC220V
Working Voltage: DC24V
Type: automated barrier gate system

Automated barrier gate system, it’s also known as automatic rising arm barriers, it is one of the most basic yet efficient types of automated barriers are boom gates, commonly referred to as mechanical rising arm barriers.

An automated boom gate has a long arm that descends to obstruct the passage of approaching cars.Drivers have to show a pass, input a code, pay a toll, or wait for the system to determine that it is safe for them to move forward before they can raise the arm. Usually, the arm is raised and lowered by an electric motor, which is managed by a security access system or sensor.

For most housing societies, security is the priority. Thus, there is a growing demand for security tools like having a visitor/traffic management system in place; boom barriers too have made it to the list of reliable security tools for an apartment complex – considering that automatic boom barrier system enhances the effectiveness of parking management and monitoring of overall footfalls. They are easy to operate and maintain as compared to the manual boom barriers, making it a perfect solution for streamlining traffic flow, especially, in a place where there is a heavy flow of vehicles.

automated barrier gate system

STXtek offers the following types of boom barrier:

1. Straight Arm Barrier

2. Folding Barrier

3. Fence Barrier Gate Straight arm barrier with 3 meters white boom arm and orange reflective stickers.

STXtek Types of Barrier Arm

STXtek boom barrier gate and access control system basic connection diagram:

Technical specifications:

Product name Automated barrier gate system
Dimensions 350(L)×280(W)×1040(H)mm
Motor power 100W DC brushless motor
Cabinet thickness 1.5mm
Operation Humidity less than 95%
Working environment IP44, indoor/outdoor/day and night
Working voltage DC24V + 10%/50Hz
Ambient temperature -30°C~80°C
Operating noise less than 60dB
MCBF 500 million times
Cabinet color Yellow

STXtek boom barrier gate application examples, we also accept customized combinations according specific parking lot project.

STXtek barrier gate application examples

Access control accessories for automated barrier gate system:

Project cases of automatic barrier gate:

stxtek barrier gate

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Edited on January 28, 2024

Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 330 × 280 × 1000 cm
Pass width

600-900 mm (adjustable)

Unlock time


Flow rate


Drive unit type

DC brush motor (Default)

Power supply

AC110-240v, 50/60Hz


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