QR Code Turnstile Gate Application

QR code turnstile

In recent years, the rise of the security market has promoted the development of pedestrian QR code turnstile gate products, many enterprises have purchased pedestrian turnstile gate, but some people have not purchased the turnstile gate product, they cannot know what is the function of the QR code turnstile gate products? How to use the QR code turnstile gate? This will require QR code turnstile manufacturers to strengthen publicity to popularize related knowledge. The following is the QR code turnstile manufacturers- STXTEK introduces the QR code turnstile gate, as well as its development and scope of application.

QR code turnstile gate

Now the turnstile gate has made a leap in quality. Manufacturers combine QR code technology with RF technology to provide a more convenient way to check tickets.

QR code technology: with the popularity of mobile phones, people hope to use mobile phones to check tickets when passing through the Fastlane speed gate turnstile, full height turnstile supplier – STXtek already has the mature technology of the turnstile gate! The user buys the ticket through the electronic commerce platform, the ticket is sent to the user’s mobile phone in the form of a QR code, the user opens the QR code in the mobile phone when checking the ticket, scan at the scanning window of the turnstile gate, the gate opens after the ticket passes and the user passes smoothly.

As one of the high-end equipment of access control management, the pedestrian turnstile gate should have a strong sense of science and technology and artistic temperament in addition to its basic access control function. As one of the important devices of the Internet of things application layer, its advanced technology is not only reflected in the internal mechanical design and control technology, but also in the front-end identification. With the deepening of the Internet of things technology, QR code pedestrian turnstile gate also emerged as the times require.

How to open the turnstile gate with QR code?

QR code turnstile gate is opened by the QR code scanner embedded in the gate to access the opening signal of the turnstile gate. The personnel obtain a QR code through the software authorization, and the QR code can be scanned on the gate to realize the opening state. An unauthorized QR code cannot pass through the gate. Like swipe IC card ID card, and adding card reader and scanning head can scan QR code and swipe IC or ID card together.

 So how to use QR code turnstile gate:

  1. visitors to the front passenger desk to registration, by the front desk staff read the ID card information and send out the visitor card or print the QR code note. After the visitor comes out, the QR code automatically invalidates, and the visitor card is recovered by the card.
  2. visitors use the self-service machines at the entrance (a bit like a bank ATM), self-scan ID cards, the self-service machines will be able to print out a note with a QR code, visitors with this QR code can pass through the gate passage.
  3. visitors by paying attention to the enterprise public number reservation, the public number will push the information to the visitor’s mobile phone, the short message has the link to open is the QR code pattern, swipe the QR code to enter the door.

Basic Functions of the QR Code turnstile

  1. QR code automatic generation—-QR code turnstile gate is using control software for each unique user to generate a unique QR code, for each temporary user to generate a temporary QR code.
  2. Front-end recognition—-scan and read the QR code using the QR code recognition device and upload the read information to the control end
  3. Control Judgment—-Control Switch by Comparison and Judgment of Control End.
  4. Anti-tail—-through more than 12 pairs of military-grade high-performance infrared detectors, to achieve anti-tail function, detection of illegal traffic, anti-clamping and anti-collision and direction discrimination and other functions.
  5. Open gate when power off—- the system will automatically unlock the gate pendulum, can be manually pushed into an open state, convenient to evacuate people, in line with fire requirements.
  6. The illegal entry is controlled—-When no legal traffic signal or no traffic is given, the forced push pendulum will be regarded as illegal intrusion, and the system will automatically alarm and ensure that the brake pendulum is locked.
  7. Reverse intrusion. Before the passage in one direction is finished, the pedestrian entering the passage from the opposite direction will be regarded as a reverse intrusion, and the system will automatically alarm and ensure that the lock stops.
  1. Prevent Clamping and Damage:

Infrared anti-clamping: install multiple pairs of infrared detectors in the area near the swing activity (anti-clamp area). Once someone or object is detected in the anti-clamp area, the brake automatically stops action; until the person or object leaves the anti-clamp area, The brake does not continue to act.

Mechanical anti-clamping: the brake pendulum in the swing process encountered obstacles, will be instantaneous reverse pop-up; the brake swing process of the impact force in the safe range. —— more than two legal traffic signals are given at the same time (including the same direction and reverse), the system will memorize all traffic requests. Complete each action in turn (number of memories and whether to choose memory function can be customized according to customer requirements).

stxtek office swing gate

Advantages of QR Code Turnstile Gate

1. Security:

QR code has strong fault-tolerant ability; high decoding reliability; can introduce encryption measures gate with anti-tail, anti-reverse, anti-clamp, anti-collision, anti-illegal intrusion

2. Convenience

QR code has low cost, easy to make, durable, QR code turnstile gate has reduced personnel supervision, improve the efficiency of personnel inspection.

Face recognition turnstile gate, swipe card gate and QR code turnstile gate are all commonly used types of pedestrian turnstile gate, the main difference is the difference of recognition way.

Card turnstile gate: is the most commonly used IC\ID card to identify access;

QR code turnstile gate: compared with the card gate is more popular recognition, it is irreplaceable;

Application of QR Code Turnstile Gate

QR code turnstile gate is an innovative product which is the integration of traditional turnstile gate and the Internet. Compared with the traditional turnstile gate, the QR code turnstile gate combines the bar code automatic identification technology through the QR code scanning module, and then combines the ticket checking system, the access control system and so on, which can play a greater role in different special occasions.

1. Commercial Office

Commercial office building turnstile machine embedded QR code mobile phone bar code scanner, and the office staff display the bar code to the scanner, and scan successfully to pass the gate.

2. Scenic turnstile gate: swipe code to check ticket

Visitors only need to swipe the QR code electronic ticket at the scanning window of the QR code turnstile gate for 2 seconds to complete the ticket check and enter the scenic spot quickly.

3. Subway turnstile gate: playing mobile phone through the gate

Passengers who buy tickets through mobile phones do not need to pick up tickets. They can directly show the QR code of mobile phone tickets at the scanning window of the gate, and after verification, the gate can be passed successfully.

All of the above is a brief introduction about the QR code turnstile gate. I hope you can have a deep understanding of the QR code turnstile. If you need QR code turnstile gate, please contact us, as a professional turnstile gate production factory, we must provide you QR code turnstile with the best quality and service. If you want to know the unique advantages of the QR code turnstile gate, check out the unique advantages of the QR code turnstile gate.