Speed Gate Turnstiles

Elegant and sophisticated design combined with the latest technology. Speed gate turnstiles are suitable for busy lobbies and entryways. By integrating access control devices, our speed gates provide high security and high capacity in one solution that effectively prevents unauthorized passage while allowing a continuous flow of people.

Speed Gate Turnstiles Main Features:
High flow rate: max 40 people per minute
Bi-directional passage
Glass panel or acrylic barriers
Sophisticated sensor system to prevent unauthorized access
Audible card reader tones and visual card reader signals
Stainless steel construction with choice of finishes
Pushbutton or remote control available
Extra-wide models for ADA access

security optical turnstile

Size: 600*130*980mm
Pass Width: 600-900mm

Size: 1500*150*980mm
Pass Width: 600-900mm

Size: 1500*120*980mm
Pass Width: 600-900mm

Size: 1500*120*980mm
Pass Width: 600-900mm

Size:  1500*130*980 mm
Pass Width: 600-900 mm

Size: 1500*100*980mm
Pass Width: 600-900mm

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Edited on March 8th, 2023