How QR code turnstile works?

How QR code turnstile works

How QR code turnstile works

About how QR code turnstile works and find the solution for you, you can contact us STXtek professional turnstile expert, we will offer you a complete solution, including assess control system and entrance control turnstile system. The following are some ideas from us about how to select the QR code turnstile for your project and help you understand how does turnstile works.

What is a QR code turnstile?

A QR code turnstile is a type of electronic gate that uses QR codes to allow users to enter or exit a location. QR code turnstile gate is commonly used in metro stations, sports centers, amusement parks, office lobby visitor system etc.

How does QR code reader work?

The QR code reader uses a black and white camera to take a picture of the barcode. Then, the camera reads the barcode and sends that information to the access controller. The QR code access controller verifies if the QR code is valid or not by comparing the QR code digits in the database.

A QR code turnstile is an access control system that uses QR (Quick Response) codes as a means of verifying a person’s identity and allowing or denying access to a specific area. The basic operation of a QR code turnstile is as follows:

Registration: A person registers with the access control system and receives a unique QR code that is linked to their identity and access permissions.

Approach: The person approaches the turnstile and presents their QR code on their mobile device or printed on paper to a scanner.

Verification: The access control system scans the QR code and verifies its validity. If the QR code is valid and the person is authorized to enter, the turnstile unlocks and allows them to pass.

Entry/Exit: The person moves through the rotating barrier or gate, and the turnstile rotates to allow them to pass.

Re-locking: After the person passes through the turnstile, it will rotate back to its original position and lock to prevent unauthorized access.

QR code turnstiles are popular because they offer a convenient and secure method of access control. QR codes are easy to generate and distribute, and they can be used on a variety of devices, including smartphones and tablets. They also provide an additional layer of security by allowing access permissions to be linked to a specific QR code and identity.

Overall, QR code turnstiles are an effective and convenient way to control access to specific areas and ensure that only authorized individuals are allowed to enter or exit.

How QR code turnstile works in entrance control system

turnstile with QR code scanner is a type of security gate that uses QR codes to allow people access to the facility. When someone scans the QR code with their smartphone or paper QR code ticket, the turnstile will open and they can pass through. This system is helpful for facilities that need to keep track of who is entering and exiting, as well as for safety reasons.

Tripod turnstile TT-101

Size: 480*280*960 mm
Pass Width: 550 mm

Size: 1200*280*960 mm
Pass Width: 550 mm

Size: 480*280*980 mm
Pass Width: 550 mm

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