How to install full height turnstiles

full height turnstiles

How to install full height turnstiles

Installing full height turnstiles requires expertise and knowledge of construction and electrical wiring. It is recommended that you hire a professional installer to ensure proper installation and functionality of the turnstile.

Here are some general steps that may be involved in the installation of a full height turnstile:

Determine the location: Choose a suitable location for the turnstile. The location should be easily accessible and have adequate space for the turnstile to operate smoothly.

Prepare the site: The site should be prepared by removing any obstacles and ensuring a level surface for the turnstile to be installed on.

Install the baseplate: The baseplate should be installed and secured to the floor using bolts and anchors.

Install the frame: The full height turnstiles frame should be installed on top of the baseplate, making sure that it is level and securely bolted to the baseplate.

Install the rotor assembly: The rotor assembly should be installed in the frame, ensuring that it is level and securely attached to the frame.

Install the motor and control panel: The motor and control panel should be installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions, making sure that all wiring is properly connected.

Test the turnstile: The turnstile should be tested to ensure that it is functioning properly and that all safety features are working as intended.

Finish the installation: Once the outdoor full height turnstile has been tested and is functioning properly, any finishing touches such as painting or signage can be added.

Again, it is recommended that you hire a professional installer to ensure that the installation is done correctly and that the turnstile is safe and functional.

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Full Height Turnstiles

Full Height Turnstiles are robust and reliable construction. Available as both internal and external solutions, full height turnstiles are designed for entrances to industrial plants, sports arenas, military sites, or anywhere you need a high degree of security without manned monitoring. The level of security can be increased with integration of an access device such as a card reader.

Full Height Turnstile Main Features:
Medium flow rate: 17 people per minute
For internal or external use
Bi-directional passage
Optional card reader or pushbutton entry
Choice of rotor designs, finishes, and colors
Emergency setting to allow for safe evacuation
90° or 120° configuration

Size: 1630*1500*2300mm
Pass Width: 650 mm

Size: 2400*1500*2300mm
Pass Width: 650 mm

Size: 1400*1200*2250mm
Pass Width: 550 mm

Size: 2100*1200*2250mm
Pass Width: 600 mm

Size: 1630*1550*2300mm
Pass Width: 650 mm

Size: 2400*1550*2300mm
Pass Width: 650 mm

Size: 1450*1350*2200mm
Pass Width: 600 mm

Size: 2200*1350*2200mm
Pass Width: 600 mm

Size: 1450*1350*2200mm
Pass Width: 600 mm

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Edited on March 8th, 2023