What is a flap barrier gate

Flap Barrier Gate

What is a flap barrier gate

A flap barrier gate is a type of physical security barrier commonly used in entrance control systems to restrict access to a designated area or control pedestrian traffic flow. It consists of a motorized arm, or flap, which moves up and down to allow or deny entry to an individual. The flap is typically made of rigid material, such as stainless steel, and is designed to deter unauthorized access by preventing people from crawling underneath it.

Flap barrier gates can be controlled manually or automatically, and are often integrated with access control systems such as card readers, biometric scanners, or other identification devices to allow only authorized individuals to enter a particular area. They are commonly used in a variety of settings, such as airports, train stations, office buildings, and sports stadiums, to enhance security and manage pedestrian flow.

How flap barrier gate works

Flap barrier gates work by using a motorized arm, or flap, that moves up and down to allow or deny access to individuals. When someone approaches the barrier gate, they will need to present a valid identification method, such as a card, key fob, or biometric scan, to the reader located on the barrier gate.

The access control system will verify the credentials and send a signal to the motorized arm to either allow or deny access to the individual. If access is granted, the motorized arm will move up and allow the person to pass through the gate. Once the person has cleared the gate, the motorized arm will move back down to its original position to prevent unauthorized access.

If access is denied, the motorized arm will not move, and the person will be unable to pass through the gate. Some flap barrier gates are also equipped with sensors that can detect if someone tries to climb over the barrier gate, and will sound alarm or alert security personnel if an unauthorized attempt is made.

According to STXtek’s experience, flap barrier gates are an effective way to control pedestrian traffic flow and enhance security in various settings, such as transportation hubs, office buildings, and public venues.

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