Turnstiles & Access Control System

Tripod turnstile is the entry control turnstile with three revolving arms. Passing one person at a time.

Flap barrier gate turnstiles are constructed to control people entering or exiting the restricted area. 

Swing gate turnstile is mainly used for pedestrian entrance and exit management. Passing width can be extendable.

Speed gates are electronic waist high turnstile gates that allow quick access.

Full height turnstiles are a rugged, low-maintenance solution for the harshest outdoor conditions.

Parking management of parking facilities including related to spaces, vehicles, visitors and payments. 

Access control systems aim to control who has access to a building, facility, or a “for authorized persons only” area.

Industry solutions includes pedestrian access control, car parking system, building entrance control, smart home and video etc.

Facial Recognition Access Control provides touchless door unlock by simply walking up to a door.